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What You Should Include in Your Website’s Privacy Policy

Maintaining a website or mobile app is a necessary step to become or remain relevant in commerce today. If your business has a website, and that website tracks visitor data, your website needs a comprehensive privacy policy agreement. Regardless of the data collected and whether that data is generated by your customers, your subscribers, or...

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Keeping Up With Website Legal Requirements: Best Practices To Protect Your Small Business

Small businesses need an active, legally-compliant, and up-to-date website to drive new business. E commerce has increased through every industry, and you need a web presence to keep up. Whether or not you sell your products or services online, potential clients and customers will look to your website to determine if you are a legitimate...

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What Details To Include In Your Website’s Terms of Use Agreement

An effective Terms of Use agreement for your business’ website will form the basis for all subsequent interactions between visitors and your company. All interactions on your website are governed by your company’s Terms of Use (also known as the Terms of Service or a Terms and Conditions agreement). Once the visitor agrees to the...