What makes Mod Law Firm different?


Mod Law Firm was founded with the goal of being different from other law firms. Mod Law is committed, above all else, to providing client-centered legal representation. The firm builds deep-seated partnerships with its clients, providing them with support and guidance through every stage of starting and growing their businesses. Trust has to be earned, and Mod Law is devoted to doing whatever it takes to be worthy of each client’s confidence.

Principles of Client Partnership

To ensure that Mod Law is the best partner possible, it follows six Principles of Client Partnership in every client relationship.


Every client partnership at Mod Law Firm starts with listening. Mod Law is committed to truly understanding its clients’ needs so the firm can identify the best options to help its clients’ businesses thrive.


Mod Law Firm is devoted to making its clients’ lives easier. It supports its clients by creating solutions to the problems that get in the way of their businesses’ missions.


Partnerships are built on mutual understanding. Mod Law Firm fosters clear and open communication with its clients by avoiding legal jargon and explaining what the legal services it provides mean for its clients’ businesses.


Mod Law Firm’s business model is based on the idea that each client is different. By offering unbundled legal services and outsourced general counsel services, Mod Law can provide service packages that meet both its clients’ legal needs and their budgets.


Mod Law Firm’s mission is to support each client’s mission. By building long-standing partnerships with its clients, Mod Law seeks to be a constant and reliable source of assistance, to help its clients’ businesses overcome any obstacle they encounter.


Feedback is essential to continued growth. Mod Law Firm ensures its clients are satisfied by refining its processes and services to better suit client preferences.

By adhering to these Principles of Partnership, Mod Law ensures that each client feels empowered to achieve the missions that inspire their purpose-driven businesses.

Mod Law Firm’s Mission Statement

Mod Law Firm empowers for-profit and non-profit entrepreneurs to achieve peace of mind when launching and growing their purpose-driven businesses. The firm is committed to delivering highly-skilled, modern, client-centered representation to its clients at a reasonable and predictable cost. Time is devoted to understanding each client’s needs so the firm can provide them with truly customized legal solutions. Those businesses that entrust Mod Law Firm to lift them up gain a dedicated partner for the life of their business.

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