Contract Review, Drafting, and Negotiation

For-profit and non-profit businesses run on contracts. Contracts allow businesses to handle important tasks like renting commercial space, hiring employees and vendors, and keeping sensitive information confidential. Unfortunately, the language that most lawyers put in contracts is usually unnecessarily complicated and confusing. Mod Law Firm is committed to making sure its clients understand the contracts they sign and know what the terms in their contracts mean for their businesses.

Contract Review

When a client hires Mod Law to review a contract that someone else wants them to sign, Mod Law will:

  • Thoroughly review the agreement and provide a written summary of the review to the client; and
  • Meet with the client to walk them through the summary to ensure the client fully understands the comments and the contract. Mod Law will take the time to explain the meaning of each clause in the contract and provide legal guidance on what the implications of problem clauses could be for the business.

In reviewing contracts, Mod Law looks out for its clients’ best interests and points out any terms of the contract that are concerning so surprises don’t pop up later.

Contract Drafting

The contracts that Mod Law drafts are not full of stuffy legalese. Mod Law is committed to writing contracts that are clear, understandable, and written in modern language. Mod Law believes you shouldn’t have to consult a dictionary or go to law school to understand what your contract means! 

When drafting contracts for a client:

  • Mod Law begins by having a real conversation with its clients to understand what they want their contract to achieve and what’s important to them about the relationship the contract will capture;
  • After that initial chat, Mod Law will draft a contract that is specifically tailored to the client’s needs and goals for the contract, while also making sure the terms of the contract protect the client’s rights;
  • Mod Law will hold a review meeting to walk the client through the contract and explain the meaning and importance of each clause, and make any modifications the client request; and
  • Mod Law will wrap up a drafting project with a final version clients can feel confident using in their businesses.

Contract Negotiation

Mod Law regularly represents clients in contract negotiations. Mod Law knows how important it is to have a partner by your side who has your back 100% during negotiations. Mod Law stands with its clients during those times to protect their interests, provide guidance and counsel, and make sure that the contracts clients sign are as favorable to their businesses as possible. During negotiations, Mod Law explains the implications of the terms that are negotiated and makes sure its clients understand related risks of proceeding with the deal. 

If you hire Mod Law to negotiate a contract for you, you can rest easy knowing you won’t have to sign a contract you don’t understand, and that you will have someone truly looking out for your business’ best interests.

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