Pricing Information

At Mod Law Firm, we strive to provide as many services as possible at a flat rate. As a client-centered law firm, supporting your business is our first priority. We want to ensure there are no surprises when you get your bill and that all of our clients are treated fairly. 

We also use a virtual law firm model and modern legal technologies to work efficiently and keep our prices affordable. With Mod Law, you can be confident you’re paying for the legal services received, not for swanky downtown offices or to train a battalion of summer interns.

For your reference, we’ve included price guidelines for many of the flat-rate services we offer. No matter the initial reason for our relationship, we are happy to provide additional legal services you and your business might need. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions you have about the services we offer.

We love nonprofit organizations and are happy to offer a 10% discount on our standard flat fees to support them!

Bundle Up!

We’re happy to provide bundling discounts to clients who use us for multiple services:

5% off

when you bundle 3 – 5 services at same time

10% off

when you bundle 6 or more services at same time

Legal Roadmap Session

During this one-hour virtual session we will review legal issues impacting your business. We’ll complete a high level analysis of risks, opportunities, and the overall stability of your legal position. Topics are tailored to you and your needs and may include discussions about:
  • Entity Selection
  • Contracts
  • Trademarks, Copyrights, and Trade Secrets
  • Employment
  • The Legal Stability of Your Business
We will provide you with an executive summary of the areas we discussed. We recommend all businesses conduct this session annually.

Entity Formation

Pricing Starts At:
Corporation Formation$600
LLC Formation$600
Nonprofit Formation$550
Operating Agreement$1500
Shareholder Agreement$1500
Registered Agent Services$150/ year

* Filing fees not included

Custom Contract Templates

Pricing Starts At:
Client Services Agreement$800
Independent Contractor Agreement$750
Non-Disclosure Agreement$350
License Agreement$750
Employee Handbook$2,000
Employment Agreement$700
Noncompete Agreement$450
Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement$750
Business Plan$1500
Policies and Procedures$650
**Other Custom Contracts Available
All Contract Template Creation Projects Include:
  • Virtual kickoff meeting with your attorney
  • Creation of a draft document for your review
  • 1/2 hour virtual review meeting with your attorney
  • Final template

Contract Review

Pricing Starts At:
Contract Review (no edits, redlining, or negotiation)$300**
Contract Editing, Redlining, and NegotiationHourly

** Up to 5 pages, then every additional 5 pages is $125, rounded up

Trademark Registration

Pricing Starts At:
Intent to Use Application (for marks not yet in use)$1,200
Trademark Application & Non-Substantive Correspondence w/ USPTO $999
Response to Office Actions Hourly
Annual Trademark Monitoring$299

* Filing fees not included

Website Agreements

Pricing Starts At:
Privacy Policy$625
Terms and Conditions$625
Terms and Conditions for Membership Sites$850

Hourly Rates

While we do everything we can to bill our clients at a flat rate, some matters do not lend themselves to flat-rate billing. In these rare situations, our hourly rate will be based on your attorney’s and paralegal’s then current rate, and will be discussed with you in advance of any services.

Other Services

If the services you are looking for aren’t listed, let us know! These are just some of the services we offer. We can design custom packages for you, or if you need help outside of our service areas, we can refer you to another law firm or professional for assistance.

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