Mod Membership Program

The Mod Membership Program is designed to benefit all businesses and nonprofits, regardless of size. Whether you’re just getting started, are growing your business, or are excelling in your business, the Mod Membership Program will serve your business well!

Finally – your business can have its lawyer on speed dial without the fear of getting a huge legal bill!

Mod Membership

Think of us as your legal phone a friend!

$99/ Month

3 month minimum

  • Unlimited phone calls or email questions with your attorney.
  • Unlimited document reviews
  • 10% discount on all other Mod Law services

Optional Add-Ons

Quarterly 60 minute legal strategy meeting $250
Bi-Annual 90 minute meeting with your business advisors, whether in-house or outsourced $350
Annual 90 minute legal strategy meeting $350
Other suggestions welcome!

Need more dedicated attorney time?

Learn about our On Demand General Counsel services or our Lawyer for a Day program

Mod Membership FAQs

The Mod Membership Program is designed to benefit all small businesses and nonprofits, regardless of size. Whether you’re just getting started, are growing your business, or are excelling in your business, The Mod Membership Program will benefit your business or nonprofit.

Yes! Our clients are our “why” so we designed The Mod Membership Program to provide benefits to our members that mirror the services in-house counsel provide to their clients. In short, we want to become true business partners to our client’s and their businesses and nonprofits, and we can’t do that as well through one-off legal projects. Join today and bring us on board! 

Absolutely! Mod Memberships start at just three months, which is a great time to give our program a try and decide if it’s right for your business needs. After the initial three-month commitment, your membership will renew monthly and can be cancelled at any time with thirty-days’ notice.

To ensure we are available to devote all of our attention on you and your legal issues, membership calls must be scheduled in advance. To facilitate scheduling with us, we provide you with a special membership link to hop on our calendar any time you need us during our normal business hours.

Meetings and phone calls with your attorney must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance using our convenient meeting scheduler. 

Feel free to contact us any time! Click here or call us at (919) 589-1612.

Your attorney will thoroughly review up to 5 pages of a normal sized document(i.e., 12 pt font, 1″ margins) and will let you know if there are any problem areas in the document. If your document is longer than 5 pages, has font smaller than 12 pt font, has less than 1″ margins, or you need the document to be edited or negotiated we’ll happily apply your 5% Mod Membership discount to the additional services.

We think so! Businesses and nonprofits face difficult obstacles every single day, and your attorney can help you navigate those obstacles in real time. They are also great sounding boards for your awesome new ideas. Legal services can be truly preventative medicine for your business. Why not benefit from having a business attorney in the wings like the big guys?! Let us help you achieve peace of mind that your business or nonprofit is functioning within the lines and growing on a solid foundation. We’d love to be your legal phone a friend! 

Mod Law Firm bills members monthly on your anniversary date. Payments are made via the payment method you have on file with the firm. Membership fees paid are earned upon receipt and are nonrefundable. 

No. All monthly member benefits must be used in the same month. Any unused monthly Mod Member benefits will be forfeited. 

Scheduling in advance of your call with your attorney ensures you are able to gather everything you need to prepare for the meeting, and it ensures your attorney is available, present, and able to devote their attention solely to you and your business. That said, we do recognize sometimes emergencies exist. Your attorney will inform you of the best way to get in touch with them during true emergency situations.

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