Website Legal Notices

To a casual observer, it may seem like website Terms of Service and Privacy Policies are all the same, but Mod Law Firm knows they are actually not one-size-fits-all. Before drafting those agreements, Mod Law makes sure it understands how its clients’ websites and businesses function, and how clients collect, use, and store data from their customers. Only then will, Mod Law create customized Terms of Service and Privacy Policies that are suited to each client’s website and the liability concerns of each client’s business. 

Terms of Service

The Terms of Service page lists all the rules for using your website. While it is certainly not the most exciting page on your website, it is important for your business to have one to protect your company from potential liability issues. Although there is no legal requirement that your website has a Terms of Service page, it’s an excellent tool for limiting your business’ exposure to potential lawsuits, as well as protecting your interests in your trademarks and intellectual property on the site.

Your Terms of Service page can include terms such as:

  • User code of conduct
  • Limiting your company’s liability
  • Rejecting responsibility for the content on linked third-party websites 
  • Copyright and trademark notice
  • Procedures for making payments 
  • Cancellation policies
  • Visitor data access

When creating Terms of Service for its clients’ websites, Mod Law decides which subjects need to be included based on the functionality of the website. Mod Law also helps clients ensure the Terms of Service are legally binding on visitors. 


Privacy Policies

Unlike Terms of Service, Privacy Policies are legally required if you are collecting any type of personal data from your visitors (the scope of what counts as “personal data” is very broad!). A privacy policy outlines how your company will use, process, store, and share visitor information. A poorly drafted privacy policy can lead to state and federal intervention and consequences. 

After learning the way its clients’ websites and businesses function, Mod Law will draft the Privacy Policy to fit its clients’ particular data collection and retention practices. By creating a custom-fit privacy policy, Mod Law gives its clients peace of mind, knowing that their companies’ websites are legally compliant.


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