Terms of Mod Membership

In addition to the Standard Terms of Representation, the following applies to Mod Members (“Members”) and is incorporated into the Mod Law Standard Terms of Representation by this reference.

Membership Term. 

Your initial membership term will be three months, then monthly until terminated by either party. To cancel, you must provide written notice to Mod Law at least 15 days in advance of the next billing cycle to ensure it will be applied to your next billing cycle.  

If your initial membership term is cancelled before the third month, any remaining balance of the membership for the initial term will become immediately due and owning, and will be charged to the card Mod Law has on file prior to membership termination.

Your membership may also be immediately terminated in the event you breach the terms of our engagement, including, but not limited to your inability to pay the Membership Fees required.

Membership Fees.

You will be responsible for the payment of you membership fees (“Membership Fees”) to Mod Law each month on the first or 15th of each month, according to you anniversary date. If the day falls on a holiday or weekend, your monthly Membership Fee may be charged on the next business day. Membership Fees are nonrefundable and are considered earned upon receipt.

If Membership Fees are not paid within 5 days of the due date, your membership will be terminated without notice, all remaining balances owed will be immediately due, and all earned benefits will become void.

Document Reviews. 

Document reviews include review and comment on up to 5 pages. Document reviews do not include edits or negotiations. If edits or negotiations are needed, or if a document is longer than 5 pages your membership discount will apply to the additional services. 

Membership Breaks.

You may pause you membership for up to 3 months. Time toward earning your Longevity Bonuses will stop accruing during membership breaks. 

If your membership is not re-started by you by the end of the third month your membership will terminated without notice and your membership benefits will forfeit. 

Requests to pause or re-start your membership must be made at least 15 days in advance of your next billing cycle to ensure changes are reflected in your next billing cycle.


Mod Law is available to respond to Member emails during regular business hours. Our goal is to respond to emails on the same business day and, except in special circumstances, we strive to respond no later than then next business day.

Mod Law reserves the right close the office on federal holidays, for two weeks each calendar year, and during emergencies. During such breaks Mod Law will be unavailable to respond to emails and phone calls. Except for holidays and emergencies, Members will be alerted at least one month in advance of those office closures. All membership services will be addressed once the office re-opens. Attorney coverage will be arranged for Mod Law closures longer than two weeks.    


Member meetings and phone calls must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance using our convenient meeting scheduler. 

No Roll-Over.

All monthly member benefits must be used in the same month. Any unused member benefits will be forfeited. 

Longevity Bonuses.

You must be an active member in good standing to use your longevity bonus. Longevity bonuses must be used during the term of your membership and no later than three months after earning them. Longevity bonuses not used during your membership term and within three months of earning them will be forfeited. Longevity bonuses may not be substituted, transferred, or refunded for cash value.